Philosophy: Asteya at BCFW

Lights! Camera! Act like you’re confident!

It’s not easy to stay cool when under the heat of the spotlight–even if the spotlight is actually just a revolving mini one at a nightclub-turned-fashion show stage. Last night, at Vancouver’s newest night spot, Pop Opera, local designer Jason Matlo debuted his Spring 09 collection. While Matlo didn’t seem at all perturbed by the attention he got–Much Music interviews, plenty of adoring hangers-on calling out as he passed by, not to mention everyone else scrutinizing his hard work–if I’m honest, I feel pretty under qualified at these kind of events.

I don’t stay completely current on the latest comings and goings at the big fashion houses. I can’t make conversation about “the dress” or “the bag” of the season. I can waffle my way through a chat about trends (but only because once a month I read Fashion and VOGUE) and I definitely can’t assess their relevance to last season’s.

So throw me in the mix with this city’s biggest fashion fans, and I’m pretty small fry, prey to plenty of confidence crunching thoughts.

Thank the gods I’ve got Asteya, the yogic yama or best-life behavioural tip, in my fear-fighting tool kit. Think you need a top like the one she’s wearing? Bammo! Don’t be silly, the one you’ve got on reflects who you are. Feeling like your shoes are all wrong? Whamo! Probably pretty unlikely that new shoes will make you happy. Think everyone’s checking out your outfit, picking it apart? Shazam! They’re all busy wondering if you’re doing the same.

Asteya can be like a confidence cop, taking us down a convoluted route to calm. This tool gets us to recognize why we really want something. It encourages us to realize we’ll be more confident if we just stop wanting, and start appreciating what we’ve got instead.

I realized I was okay with what I was wearing. My clothes reflect me. I’m no fashion pro, but yoga I know…so I’ll happily swap knowledge with a stylista.

Next up: Nicole Bridger at the Chinese Cultural Centre. I’ll be wearing something that reflects just who I am. Maybe I’ll meet an industry insider looking for stress relief.

Take Away Tip: Asteya‘s not easy. But if we want to be less at the mercy of inner confidence crushers, I find a great first step is to just begin to notice when we want something just because someone else (or seemingly everyone else) has it. If we dig right in, and ask ourselves why, the answer (it will make me cooler! people will like me better!) can sometimes make us laugh just enough to laugh it right off.

Sep 25, 2008 · Comment

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