pharrell williams Happy song + how its success was ignited by the power of peace

pharell williams happy

This is about the power of peace.

And how it relates to the global success of Pharrell Williams’s song Happy. Getting this post straight to your inbox? Click here to see the videos.

Did you know that when Pharrell and his team first released the song, they couldn’t get it on the air? And that in the music industry not getting a song on the air is like death to the album? Because reviews don’t sell music. Radio does. Airtime does. All that creative energy, the time, the effort, the perfecting. And…nothing.

But Ellen liked the song. She was one of the first people who got on board. She had him on her show five months before it went big.

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But still…not much airplay. Pharrell didn’t give up. He kept going. He didn’t give in to self-doubt or criticism. He held fast. And created–the world’s first 24 hour music video.

And then.

Things exploded. All over the globe, people started doing the dance. It started getting airplay.

Happy, the song, had lift-off. Ellen had him back on.

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Oprah had him on Oprah Prime. He cried.

And it all makes perfect sense. The power of peace is like that. In peace, we persevere. We stay steady and strong–even when we want to cry. We keep going, keep dreaming, and keep doing–not giving in to self-doubt or criticisms. And then…blast-off.


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Hey, that’s a clever way of thiinnkg about it.


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