you’re invited! to an uplifted life

I’ve got a hunch you’re leaning into an uplifted life.

One filled with a steady source of gratitude, a happiness beneath all the turmoil on the surface, and maybe even some magical moments.

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An invitation, an intention, and an anchor-point for your month ahead.

‘Cos how we begin something is often how it keeps on going.

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Lori Deschene on Libre Living Power of Peace interview series“Lindsey writes and speaks from the heart. She lives what she teaches and teaches what she lives. A truly inspirational person!” ~ Lori Deschene, founder of

matt cooke headshot“Lindsey is such a warm, ball of joy. Her presence, attention to detail, and intention blew me away. I work with 100’s of world thought leaders, from Optimism, to Health and Wellness, to Love and Sexuality, to Conscious Business, and Lindsey is one of the best.” ~ Matt Cooke, and Creative Warrior Living

danielle_laporte-0130“You’re a true teacher…You’re devoted, engaged in listening–really listening, and grounded in your own experience.” ~ Danielle LaPorte,

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