Yoga: Top 5 Ways to Work it Into Your Schedule

All of a sudden it’s bed time. And where did my yoga go? I love love love my days where I remember to add it in whenever I can. They flow, they feel snag-free, and I find myself singing and smiling and feeling pretty damn great, thanks!

But how do we fit the yoga in? Here’s some ways that work for me.

1. Do something first thing in the morning.
Asana, pranayama, a few “Om”s–anything will do. A small, simple moment spent connecting with the Greater, Good and Wonderful, connecting with our truth.

2. Meditate while doing the dishes.
As Jivamukti founders David Life and Sharon Gannon say, “We can’t make ourselves meditate (connect with the Greater, Good and Wonderful), but we can make ourselves concentrate.” Focus on every detail of that dish–and maybe we’ll feel something much much bigger.

3. Sing some mantras in the car.
I’m loving Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa’s Mantras for the Aquarian Age right now.
Some other faves:
David Newman’s Into the Bliss
Snatam Kaur Khalsa‘s Grace, or Prem
Anything by Krishna Das
The Beatles’ All You Need is Love

4. Take 2 minutes before bed to say a prayer.
What an affirming, reassuring, relieving practice.
Whatever works for you:
~ List five things you’re grateful for about your day.
~ Request help from the universe.
~ Give a simple “Much love to [insert whoever’s name you want to put here]”

5. Do a walking meditation on your lunch break.

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