Take-Away Tip: Listen for Peace

Sirens. Shouting. Honking. Motors running. Construction. Radios.
So how the H do we find inner peace in all this city noise?! I’ve dreamt of building a soundproof room, with a skylight, big windows, cushions, drapes, yoga mats…ahhhh. Yeah, not gonna happen.
But we can use the noise as a tool for peace. No, really.
We take our attention and intention to the sounds. We close our eyes. We listen to the sounds inside the room, the sounds outside the room. We use them as a tool for taking ourselves out of our busy, reactive minds. We notice the reactions that come up: “If I hear one more friggin‘ horn honk I’m going to scream!” And, in all seriousness, we let them go. And we keep coming back to just listening, breathing deeply.
And when it gets beyond the point of listening in, we hike (or trolley) to the top of the Grouse Mountain ;).
Sep 16, 2008 · Comment

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