Stress Buster: Tapping into Truth

It’s about dropping out of our head and into our heart. About tapping into our true self, our deepest core, which is (though it’s tough to remember some days) happy and calm.

The Sa-Ta-Na-Ma Meditation can be modified from what we do on the mat, and taken into our daily routine, anytime we’re walking. I invite you to use it on your way to an important meeting, when heading to the bus on the way to work, or on your lunch break.

Let your spine be tall, crown of your head lifted to the sky.
Let your attention and intention come to your heart centre.
Press your thumb rhythmically to your index, your middle finger, your ring finger and then your pinkie.
As you do this, match the sounds “Sa, Ta, Na, Ma” to the presses. “Sa” on the index, “Ta” on the middle, and so on. Press firmly.
You can say it loud, you can whisper it, you can say it silently.
Keep returning to your heart centre and your fingers.

This meditation is a way to tap into the true you. The mantra is an extension of “Sat Nam”, which translates to Truth and Name/Identity.

I like to do this during my morning walk. It helps me start my day from a centred space.

Aug 13, 2008 · Comment

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