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Money Love

Lately I’ve been talking to a lot of people about money. It’s a funny thing, this money thing. It gets us all worked up–no matter how much of it we have. And a lot of us are carrying shame around money. No matter how much of it we have.

Money Shame

We’re ashamed that we have more than other people. We’re ashamed that we have less than other people. We believe that the number in our bank account is a reflection of our value as a human being. We buy more than we can afford and spend more than we have, so that we feel better about who we are. Or, we hold off on doing things that bring us joy, because somewhere, sometime, somebody who loved us and was doing their bet taught us that there is never enough money and it should only be saved. We do them and then we feel guilty. Oy. Money.

Except, it’s not money.

It’s us. It’s me. And it’s you. We put stuff on money that has nothing to do with money. We make it into something it isn’t, and then get all worked up about it as though money is the problem. When I first heard someone say that “Money is neutral” I just didn’t get it. It confounded me. And then I heard that “The energy of money is playful. It’s light. It’s joyful.” And that confused me even more. Then I started looking at my own money beliefs–everything I had put on money. And I started to see how non-neutral I had made it, and how grim and tense and stingy I had made it. I took a step back, set the beliefs aside for a moment, and asked money to show up as it truly is. I got all meditative and peaceful. And money showed itself to me: dancing, playful, light and happy.

Money clarity

is something I am strengthening in myself. In my experience, it’s something nearly everyone–especially women, especially entrepreneurs–strengthen within themselves. No matter what their level of income.

5 Steps to Loving Money and Have it Love You Back

I do it this way: 1. I tune into the energy of money. To remind myself of what is true. 2. I tune into my misbeliefs and misunderstandings about money. To see what I am believing as true. 3. I unpack those beliefs: Where did they come from? What person did I learn them from? What beliefs about money did that person have? Are they really true? Can I find evidence that disproves them? 4. I let love speak. I look at my misbeliefs and ask: What would love say? What would truth say? 5. And I marinate in the wisdom of love.

Today’s Invitation

I invite you to call in the energy of money. To take the five steps listed above. And then marinate in the wisdom of love. With much love, Lindsey
money love. 5 steps to loving money and have it love you back | Lindsey Lewis

money love. 5 steps to loving money and have it love you back

August 25, 2015