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I Took it All Off for Peace

Yup, I took it all off for peace. Everything.

I stripped myself of anything that didn’t feel like peace. My job as a magazine editor. My seven-year relationship. My old apartment. It all went.

I started working from home, doing copy writing and communications consulting for health and wellness companies. I got up every day to meditate and do my asana practice. I said ‘no’ to things that made me feel stressed.

That meant people I’d been friends with, activities I used to do, and food that made me hyped and anxious. Peace was in. Everything else was out.

I began to do things that felt like relief.

Along the way I’ve discovered that

peace means more than less stress—it means power.

And not in the domineering, making things happen and making people do what you want kind of way. In a ready to receive and respond no matter what kind of way. Peace is the most powerful place we can stand in, in any circumstance.

Ease vs. Force: Bending the Spoon

During my life coaching training, we were asked to try to bend a spoon. But first, we were told to get into our most stressed-out state by thinking of stressful things. I got into that state; the spoon wouldn’t budge. Then we were asked to get into a peaceful state and invite the spoon to melt. I got into that state; the spoon melted. A perfect curve.

This is the power of peace.

This is not about going with the flow, and simply accepting whatever comes our way. This is about releasing what distracts us from being able to respond and create from a powerful place.

After I’d been doing communications work and teaching yoga for a while, I wanted to take things further; I realized there was even more potential for transformative growth and a life that reflected all that I was destined for. I began to live more from my heart, and less from my head, trusting that choices that I made because they just “felt right” would pan out. And they did—better than I ever imagined

I began to experience small and then big surprises, a sense of flow and ease in my life that hadn’t been there before, and more joy and contentment than worry and stress. Along the way I learned how to listen to the wisest part of myself: my intuition. And I was seeing the results in my life.

Now, I help other people do the same.

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I always come away from talking with Lindsey feeling more found, more inspired, and more hopeful. She reminds me of the things that I already know but oftentimes don’t have the courage to accept and seize. Her ability to champion my search to find my own strength, and to push my boundaries beyond my fear, is immeasurably appreciated. – Tara, University of British Columbia Lecturer

On a professional level, working with Lindsey has been a pleasure. Her enthusiasm and passion for life shines through her work. Her compassion and infectious smile is a joy to be around. Thanks Lindsey, for being you. – Victoria Revay, Sequel Naturals