what would be perfect for you? 4 steps to creating it

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What would be perfect for you?

Have you dreamed it?

When you daydream or imagine a life different than the one you’re living now…what do you see?


The most common way we go about getting what we want is looking at what’s available. We begin with searching–online or in-person. We ask for help and look to experts. And then we try to fit ourselves into the choice that sorta kinda looks like what we were hoping for.

And we settle in and wonder why we don’t feel fulfilled.

Or why we feel exhausted, stressed, irritable, sad.

We begin with searching, rather than creating.


There’s another way.

Rather than looking at what’s available, hoping someone will give it to us–hire us, love us, see us–and waiting to receive it, we begin by figuring out what would be perfect for us, and then creating it.

We create, rather than wait.

Want your dream job? Dream it up. Get clear on the day that would unfold as you live it out–work and home-time.

Want your dream man? Dream him up. Get clear on what it would be like to be together, and how he would be.

Want your dream day? Dream it up. Get clear on how it would unfold.

Create Your Map to the Moon

Then start from the end, and work your way to the beginning. You’re creating a map to your inevitable future.

The one that’s calling you–and probably has been from the very beginning.

Listen deep. Trust fiercely.

Create your map to the moon.
Your day, the one that’s right for you. Your man, the one that’s right for you.


1. Dream up your ideal day–including your ideal job and ideal man. Get as detailed as you want to be. Hint: Check your inner lizard at the door. He/she is not a part of this process.
2. Take a piece of paper. Turn it so it’s horizontally-aligned and at the far right of that paper write the words: ‘Ideal Day.’
3. And then ask yourself: “What would have happened just before this day, in order for it to come true?” Here’s some examples: “I’d have started my own business.” “I’d have met my dream man.” “I’d have been hired on as a designer at a great company.”
4. Keep going. For every step you write down, ask yourself” “What would have happened just before this, in order for it to come true?”

Once you’re done, you’ll have a map. The map to your moon–pulling you just like it pulls the ocean tides. Closer and closer to the stars.

Thinking of you,


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