what do to when you feel overwhelmed and want to give up

earth and sky by Christopher Craig courtesy FlickrCC

When you don’t have it all figured out

Keep going

When you’re afraid of what others will think

Keep going

When you wonder how you’ll pay the bills

Keep going

When the light at the end of the tunnel is missing

And your best friend says you’re crazy

When your husband thinks your nuts

And your parents wonder what happened to their child

When your grandmother tilts her head to the side in confusion

And you bet your grandfather would be angry

Keep going

When it feels like there’s no way it will ever happen

When you look for guidance and don’t find it

And most of all: When you feel like you want to give up

Keep going


Believing in yourself is harder than giving up

Creating something takes more guts than settling

The strength of one determined heart is greater than a thousand doubting minds


The biggest difference between those who make it
and those who don’t
Is that the first group keeps going

When you decide to keep going, you’ll ignite your own light
To guide you out of the tunnel

You will find a way
And it will be everything and more

Keep going

Big love,


Jun 13, 2013 · Comment

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