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Caught in the trap

Schnap! The trap catches us. Clang! The metal door shuts. Ka-lunk. The lock slides into place. And we are stuck. Stuck in the thinking trap. Trying to think our way out of the stressful situation, trying to analyze it from every angle, sort out the issue and the other issue, and anxiously looking for the rays of light.

We ARE the ray of light.

The light–so POWERFUL–that will illuminate the problem AND the solution is within US. It’s not in the problem. It’s not in the different angles we can look at it. It’s not in the cracks between the bars. It’s in us.

When we step back from the bars we see…that we are holding them in front of our own face. That they are attached to nothing but our own hands.

And all we need to do is let them go.

The solution has nothing to do with the problem. The solution has to do with us.

Letting the problem go…

So we can be the change. Give yourself a chance to transform on the inside, so you can then see the transformation on the outside. So you can be the change you want to see.

Let go of the thoughts.

Shake it off.

Be free.

Want things to be different? You need to be different.

Do yoga. Dance. Dive into the ocean. With your clothes on. With no clothes on. Hang out with a good friend who makes you laugh. Watch a funny or inspiring video. Get your laugh on. Get inspired.

Bring on the sun

And then come back. Come back to where you were. And see that it’s no longer a problem. It’s something else completely. It’s a new moment, a new day, a new you, a new life.

It’s everything you want it to be.

And it’s amazing.

Much love,


Mar 12, 2013 · Comment

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