Vancouver: Love your body. February 5th

body heartI’m feeling all loved-up about facilitating Kate Muker’s Vancouver Diva Date Nights in Gastown.

It’s a group of gorgeous souls–all women–who get together to connect and learn from featured presenters from all over North America.

On February 5th, we’re hosting the inspiring Amber Krzys.

You have the power to stand forward and claim your “enoughness,” now, says Amber. And you will walk away from this Diva Date Night feeling more confident and comfortable in your skin than ever before!

Diva Date Night with Amber Krzys

In this inspiring body-image edition of Diva Date Night, guest expert Amber Krzys demolishes the myth that you need to be anything other than who you are right now and provides 3 powerful ways to unlock the confidence & freedom within.

She’s going to cover:

The 3 Biggest Obstacles Blocking Your Confidence… And How You Can FINALLY Overcome Them
The #1 Secret to Enjoying True Freedom in Your Body
The Most Powerful Way to Shift from Self-Loathing to Self-Loving

Click here for more info and registration. Early bird pricing is only $30.

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