the power of a personal practice

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You’ve got talents. You’ve got techniques. You’ve got powers that can border on magical. It’s innate in you. It’s innate in everyone.

This is about the how, the why, and what happens

when we begin to live as the truth of who we are. And my personal story with how it shows up in my life and what I do to sustain it. Read on…

Learning Other Things

I’ve tried tons of things. I’ve danced the chakras, learned about signs and symbols in the spaces around us, done breathing workshops where we counted inhales and exhales, learned how to interpret dreams and been invited to connect to my guides. But the thing that’s been the most powerful, the most transformational, the most magical and the most practical has been a consistent, steady practice of returning to the truth of who I am.

The Practice

I do this the hard way. Because in a strange way it feels easier than anything else I’ve tried. I do it in with my nearly-daily morning practice: an ebb and flow of mantra, meditation, and asana. I do it by meeting myself on the mat, whether I’m teaching or taking a class—by noticing what gets triggered in me and choosing to watch it pass rather than let it run with me.

I do it with the words I use when I talk about times I feel jealous or judgemental: “My ego is feeling really insecure right now.” “My ego really wants to judge that person.” Rather than letting me sidestep responsibility for being insecure or judgemental, using those words helps me accept responsibility and change things. I can look at what’s happening in my own mind, and decide to choose another way.

I don’t always manage to do this. It’s a practice. I’m getting better at it.

And as I change myself, my world is changing.

People are friendlier. Things come more easily. What I yearn for shows up. Last time I talked with my coach, I listed off a stream of things that had happened that continue to affirm the power of doing this stuff.

Last on my list was something funny. I’d had the thought the other day: I wonder if Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are still married? That afternoon, I ended up on a newspaper’s website where the story headline front and center read: “Yes, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are still married.” I laughed and laughed.

And even though it freaks me out sometimes to take the leap of faith and trust it and myself, almost every decision I make I use my intuition for. It never steers me wrong.

Adding On

Being spiritually attuned is less about adding-on and more about letting go. Developing our intuition, being able to manifest, aligning our life with the movement of the stars, becoming abundant—all of this happens naturally when we clear the way.

We can take a course on how to develop our intuition, how to manifest stuff, or how to cause things that seem like miracles…it will probably help. And even be interesting and uplifting.

But the longest-lasting and most powerful transformation comes not from adding-on but from letting go. We become deeply guided, see astonishing results, and receive supportive surprises—by clearing away whatever gets between us and our soul.

That’s it.


When we strip away the belief that we’re simply a person and recognize the magnitude of what’s within us we begin to live the magnificence of life.

Click to tweet: @lindsey_lewis: When we recognize the magnitude of what’s within us we begin to live the magnificence of life. #powerofpeace

We know exactly what to do next, and when to do it. We dream up what we most long for, what would fulfill our soul, and we receive it. We get stuck and then get the help we need. Caveat: This only happens when what we do, long for, and get stuck trying to do are in alignment with our essential self. I.e. If we’re longing for a race car but it’s nothing to do with what’s most right and true for the deepest part of us, we won’t get it.

Guys, this is the power of peace.

This is the power of the truth of who we are. This is what happens when we consistently, consciously, and carefully strip away what gets between us and our soul.

It all begins and ends with you.

xNamaste, L

Click to tweet: @lindsey_lewis: When we recognize the magnitude of what’s within us we begin to live the magnificence of life. #powerofpeace

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