spinning? 5 practices for getting back to your place of power

Light at the end of the tunnel

If you’re stuck in a spin, unable to access your personal power, don’t worry, there’s lots you can do.

Try these 5 practices for getting back to your place of power.

1. Journal it out. Writing down your thoughts, especially the worry-based ones, can be a hilarious experience. A tiny moment can trigger a tidal wave of untruths. When we write down what’s going on in our mind as a result of one of those tiny moments, we see what we’re making something mean: “Because that one possibility didn’t work out, nothing is going to.” Or “Because that one person didn’t respond positively, nobody is going to.” Our lovely little lizard brain takes the cake here–and eats it, too.

2. Breathe. I’ll say this forever. Inhale. Exhale. Pause. Repeat. Our breath is one of the most underutilized, powerful tools we have. And when we start to use it, it works nearly instantly–de-activating our activation nerve systems, and activating our calming nerve systems. Hello parasymphathetic, goodbye sympathetic. Goodbye spin and overwhelm, hello peace and power.

3. Go to your place of power. When was the last time you felt on fire, like you could do anything? It could be recently or ages ago–it doesn’t matter. The mind incites a physiological response in the body whether we’re actually doing that thing or just remembering it. So go there in your mind’s eye, picture every detail you can, and hang out there for a while–until you start to actually feel more powerful again.

4. Remember your wonderful-ness. Often, when we’re in a spin, we’ve forgotten our capabilities, our innate talents and all of the gifts we bring to the world. Sometimes, we just can’t see it. So we need to look to other people for help with that. Who in your life has affirmed how great you are, how talented, how wonderful? What did they say? Write it down, and paste it up. Read it again, and again, and again. It’s true.

5. Do something else. It’s worth it to take the time to go for a walk, visit an an uplifting or calming website, get a good laugh from a YouTube video, or have a quickie conversation with a friend. Anything that gets your mind out of the spin and focused on something that changes the way you feel can be transformative.

Most of all, remember that all of these practices are simply ways of re-aligning with your totality. The truth of who you are, and your core strength, peace and power.

You are you, beautiful you.


Oct 28, 2014 · Comment

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