on realizing happiness. Andrea Cairella interviews me for her True Potentials Lovecast

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Dearest Libre tribe. I recently did an interview with Andrea Cairella on happiness. You can listen to the full interview here. Check out some of the highlights, below.


“Yes. There is so much more. And it’s really about realizing that happiness comes from within, and it’s about creating a life from that place, rather than thinking it comes from some place external to us.”

AC: What are some specific strategies you can share?

LL: The first one is both a strategy and the foundation of all of the ones that come afterwards. It’s the realization that in order to find what we’re seeking we have to look inward. We have this capacity to have this deeply impacted and deeply impactful sense of a very grounded happiness and peace in our lives. That comes from within us, rather than something that we might find.

That is the biggest and most important mind-set shift that I needed to arrive at in my life and that I help other people arrive at in their lives–to realize we have the power to change our lives, we have the power to change our experiences from within. That’s the foundation of it all.

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This evolves into strategies. And there are so many of them but some of the ones I love the most are:
To practice this realization that we’ll have so many thoughts in a day or in a moment and that thoughts are not necessarily truths, but if we choose to believe them as such it will impact how we see a moment, a person, our life, the entire world.

From there, we bring in The Work by Byron Katie, which is a very powerful tool I love to use to help people question thoughts or fears or limiting beliefs that are really undermining their potential for happiness and then turn them around so that that part of them that was causing them so much stress or unhappiness is actually affirming their peace, their strength, their well-being and their potential to emerge into a life filled with all of that.

AC: What are some of the other suggestions you might have?

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LL: Here’s one I did not understand the power of for a long time: integrating gratitude practices. I was dismissive of this for a while, but what I can tell you is that when I heard one of the reasons why this works so well I changed my mind. The part of our brain in charge of worry and feeling negativity can’t be dominant if the part of our brain in charge of thinking gratitude-related types of thoughts and feeling gratitude-related emotions is turned on. We can’t really have one turned on if the other is turned on.

So gratitude has this biological unfolding in our physiology that transforms our brain.

Listen to the whole she-bang HERE.

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