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Re-birth and new beginnings

I ended a 7 year relationship with a man I’d talked about marrying.

I quit my job as a magazine editor after working towards it for a decade.

I started my own business, and took yoga teacher training.

I lived alone in a two-window bachelor with a bed that pulled out from beneath my closet and mice who lived in the walls.

I cried. A lot. I felt alone. A lot.

I worked with the best publicists, the hottest dailies, and the biggest marketing and ad agency in Vancouver.

I dove into the deep end.

Rising up

You can rise. You can swim. You can surf the waves.

You can sink into the jaws of your deepest fear, and find the freedom on the other side.

Where there is struggle, there is strengthening.

Where there are storms blowing, there is wind to lift your wings.

Today I see the ocean every day from my bedroom window.
It reminds me of what’s within.

And I am proud. Proud I took the leap, glad I freed the ties that bound, and most of all, proud of the strength I now know I contain.


So do you.

It’s your core. Not your abs (!). The soul at the heart of your physical self.

You are, at your core, unlimited. Infinite.

“You are not just the drop in the ocean. You are the mighty ocean in the drop.”
~ Rumi

Believe. Don’t stop. Keep going.

Move through it, rise above it, and feel your own strength.

Let the wind carry you. Be lifted.

Rise higher.



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