not being busy does not mean you’re not worthy

beautiful buds

Dearest you;

I’ve been thinking of you. And your desire to be of service in the world, to make a difference, and live outside the box.

Do you ever feel like it’s not happening fast enough? Like you should have a more packed calendar? Or that because you’re not as busy as you think you should be you should do work for free just to fill the time?

Can I share something with you?

Busyness doesn’t equal worthyness.

Your worthyness has nothing to do with how full your calendar is. Your worthyness has nothing to do with how much money you make.

Your worthyness is independent of anything external to your being.

You are worthy.

Because you are here. There’s nothing more you need to do, nothing more you need to be, nothing more you need to achieve. You are worthy. Already.

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There’s something else…

When we get caught in believing we’re less worthy because our calendar isn’t full or because we’re not making as much money as we’d like to or think we should be, we actually take steps that affirm that belief.

When we’re caught up in believing that busyness equals worthyness and that because we’re not busy we’re not worthy we often do things like:
– offer to work for free
– discount our prices
– accept less than we deserve

All of which adds up to evidence that our beautiful ego searches for and finds in the hunt to prove we’re not worthy.

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Can I challenge you to something?

Don’t do it. Don’t equate busyness with worthyness. Don’t offer to work for free or discount your prices or accept less than you deserve. Stand in your place of power and peace, offer up everything you have, hold nothing back–and accept nothing less.

Here’s what happens when we do this. We begin to receive what we give. Because we see our worthyness other people do, too. Our income goes up–even if our time spent working doesn’t. Yes, that happens. Our prices go up. We begin to create evidence for our beautiful ego to gather that proves the truth that we are worthy.

Let me be sure to explain: it’s not the new evidence that proves we are worthy. It’s not because our income goes up or our prices do.

The truth that we are worthy was there all along.

The new evidence just helps us to see it.

With much love,


Feb 10, 2015 · Comment

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