meltdowns, and other gifts from the universe

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In the moment of meltdown, there’s always truth emerging.

In the instant we decide that we just can’t keep going on this way anymore, the way opens.

When we’re spiraling and spinning out of control,

the moment we let go is the moment we begin to fly.

I had this moment not so long ago.

A Yes that Was a No

I’d made some pretty important decisions, said “yes” to some new opportunities, but something just didn’t feel quite right. But I was busy, running my business, coaching, finalizing the latest 30-day challenge, and keeping up with friends and family. So I let it slide.

I ignored the “this doesn’t feel quite right” sensation. I just kept going.

I got a cold. My back went out. I had to stop jogging–which I had just started and was loving. Every day I spent chunks of time trying to heal the ache in my back. My neck spasmed. Seriously, it just kept getting worse. I was exhausted.

Finally, finally, I decided to dig deep.

The Body Doesn’t Lie

On a call with my coaching buddy I began with “Something is just off. I haven’t taken the time to dig into it and figure it out. I just know that I don’t feel like me. I feel like I’m losing myself.”

When I’m me I feel vibrant, strong, content, at peace and in the flow. Things unfold with ease, I smile more, laugh more, am energized.

I was missing that, aching for it.

So we began. And one step after the next we traced the way I was feeling back, back to those two decisions I’d made that didn’t feel quite right. Every time I did anything to do with them the feeling got worse. Until it was with me all the time, impacting everything.

We know. We know when something is right. We know when something is off.

The body doesn’t lie.

And it’ll keep talking, telling us to change things, even if we don’t listen.

The Power of Diving Deep

Finally, I listened.

And immediately my back felt better. My cold symptoms cleared up. I felt stronger, energized and vibrant again.

I was back.

And I changed things up. I looked at those decisions I’d made through a newly-clear lens of truth and saw a new way emerge. I took the steps to bring that new way into reality. I began to fly.

The knowledge is always there. The way is always open. And our wings are ready.

All we need to do is listen.


When something doesn’t feel right, ask yourself this: ‘Do I have to do it this way?’ ‘If I could have it unfold exactly how I would love it to, what would that look like?’ And then, trust. Take the radical leap of faith into the unknown and begin to take the steps to transform that something into something special.


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This couldn’t have come at a better time for me! After a few days of anxiety I had to talk it out and came to a surprising conclusion! Today the world feels better, clearer, manageable. Getting to the source of discomfort is worth it!


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