letting in grace

flower buds jeannette and joe courtesy Flickr CCIsn’t the simple wild flower that we stumble across while out hiking that much more beautiful than the one we purchase in the store–no matter how exotic?

And isn’t it the candid moments caught on camera that warm our hearts or delight our souls in a way no poised moment ever can?

And isn’t it the out-of-the-blue commentary of a three year old that causes us to grin with delight in a way nothing we tell her to say ever can?

There is so much beauty in this world. So many moments of grace and joy.

If we let them in.

If we let go of our need for control, our need to have every moment planned out, scripted ahead of time.

If we let go of our worry of what will happen, or what others might think, or how we want something to go a very certain way.

There is so much grace and joy in this world.

If we let it, the universe will present moments of such beauty that they take our breath away.

If we let them in, we’ll receive so many gifts of joy—that we could never create ourselves.

Let go. Let it be.

Welcome tiny miracles.

Big love,


May 1, 2013 · Comment

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