how to key into abundance by doing less

how to key into abundance by doing less lindsey lewis

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How to Key Into Abundance by Doing Less

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To really receive abundance, we need to first be able to recognize it. I know so many people who are blind to the abundance in their life, because they’re focused only on how much they are being paid. They don’t see things like the free yoga classes or health or sailing club memberships they’re getting, the free mentorship and support from people who love them, the endless offers of help from friends, trips to family or friend’s homes in top vacation destinations, the beautiful home they live in, or the daily moments of being immersed in settings or experiences that bring them immeasurable joy.

They’re looking for abundance, and missing it. To me, it doesn’t matter where abundance comes from, whether it’s from a direct-to-me payment or an unexpected gift—in the form of money or experiences. It all counts. To say we are going to seek out abundance and then only look for it in one place—our pay check, or payment for something—is to miss out on the entirety of what the universe is gifting us with.

It’s akin to having a chef spend days in a kitchen baking, cooking and concocting your very favourite dishes, and then laying them out on a table for you and you walk right by without seeing or receiving it because you didn’t order it. It’s there. It’s for you! But you miss it because you didn’t ask for it.

Abundance shows up often in ways we least expect it. To receive it in all the ways it can, we need to begin looking at it through eyes that see it. We need to begin seeing all abundance. When we do, it begins to show up in all areas of our life, including what we get paid.

First, we start with expanding our definition of abundance.

The Top 10 Big Ideas

1 Expanding Our Definition of Abundance

Abundance means more than money in the bank. It includes money in the bank, no doubt about it, but for most of us our ideas about and fantasies about abundance are related to what we think we’ll have as a result of the money in the bank, and how what we have will make us feel. Expanding our definition of abundance means that we start to realize what truly fills us up.

2 Relinquishing Judgment
If you’re not living what you would call an abundant life, you likely have some judgment or resistance to abundance. How do you feel about people who you see as very abundant, especially materially so? Your answer gives you insight into your relationship to abundance. If you’re not at-ease with these people or what they have, you’re not at ease with abundance. And that means you’ll be subconsciously pushing it away.

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How to Key Into Abundance by Doing Less

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