how to handle your own negative thinking

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Dearest you;

The other day I had a conversation that I wish we had taped. I was in a cafe with a friend of mine, also an entrepreneur and change agent, and we started talking about what to do when you can’t cut the negative noise in your head.

You know that noise:
The “Who do you think you are”s
The “You should be further ahead by now”s
The “You’re not gonna make it to where you want to go”s

That noise.

Because we not only recognize that noise but also have big dreams, we started talking strategy.

How do you get beyond negative thinking?

“Do you have those moments where you think you should be further than you are right now? Or times when you doubt you’re gonna get there?” she asked me.

I got really excited. Nearly levitating off my chair. I looked her straight in the eye with a great big smile.
“Every day.”

She sat back in her chair, still listening.

“Yeah, for sure. Every day. It doesn’t always last long, sometimes it goes on for longer than others. But I’m excited about this. I’m excited to be able to be honest and tell you it happens because…” I leaned forward “it’s normal.”

“It’s normal?”

“I don’t know one single successful person who never thinks those kinds of thoughts. I don’t know one single successful person who never doubted they would make it. And I don’t know one single successful person who didn’t at one point think about giving up.

It’s normal.”

The Correlation Between Fear and Success

Dearest you, I’ll tell you another reason why it excites me to talk about it. Because there’s a correlation between fear and success, a link between moments we wonder what the heck we think we’re doing and moments where we are elevated beyond anything we thought possible. People who don’t try don’t succeed.

If there’s no fear, are your dreams big enough?

There’s a correlation between trying and not having it work out, and making it big.

Here’s a quote I love:

Failure is not something you will undergo. Failure is how you will get there.

So that moment of negative noises in your head can be seen to mean nothing more and nothing less than that you are headed in the right direction. Keep going. You’ll get there.

With much love,


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