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heart in sky courtesy FlickrCC ASPatrickIt’s ALL about love. Everthing I do. Every thing. Absolutely.

It’s about liberating souls. It’s about living free–free to be who you truly want to be, living the life you truly want to live.

February 14 inspired me to offer EVERYTHING at 25% off. A whole bunch of people have taken advantage of the discount, but I realized I didn’t even share it with everyone! So here it is.

Living Yoga: 7 Pathways to Liberated Living

7-week yoga and life coaching e-course
Empowered. Calm. Peaceful. Happy. On and OFF the yoga mat.
Regular $99. Now $45. Save $55
Click for an extra 25% off = 55% savings.

Market from the Heart

5-week Crash Course for people who wanted to help others, and ended up running businesses.
How to get more clients, more gigs, international opportunities + more, just by being YOU.
– only for heart-centred entrepreneurs
Regular $499. Now $375. Save $125
Email me to sign up/for more info.

Libre Living Life Coaching

5-pack, 7-pack or 9-pack
Get out of being stuck. Make choices that are right for you. Live a life aligned with joy, purpose and love.
Regular $65/session. Now $48/session. Save up to $146
Book your free trial session so we can see if we click
*New clients only.

Sending you big love, and cheers to living your liberated life.


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