how do you define success?

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Is this You?

Do you feel caught up in the busyness of life, without joy or fulfillment? Are you getting run-down and resentful? You’re not alone. I’ve been there. Many of my clients have been there.

In my experience, busyness without joy or fulfillment and getting run-down and resentful is often a side effect of not slowing down enough to ask what success really means to us. What’s important? Why are we doing what we do? Does it matter?

What does Success Mean to You?

Coach Robert Holden asks some powerful questions about success.
1. What is success?
2. What is success in work, relationships and life?
3. How do you measure success?

What Happens When We Define Success

These are questions I pose to clients–if it will serve them. If you’re caught up in busyness, without joy or fulfillment, or getting run-down and resentful, I invite you to give yourself the gift of considering how you would respond to this inquiry. What can happen as a result is nothing short of transformational.

When we get clear on how we define success, we often instantly understand why we’re dissatisfied.

Many of us are running around trying to meet and sustain a definition of success that isn’t one we value. When we discover this, we get to look at our choices and let go of ones that don’t help us fulfill our definition of success. And we get to make ones that do.

Here’s how I define success:

Joy. Freedom. Competence. Confidence. Contentment.

This is also how I define success in work.

Relationships and life are different. Success in these areas, for me, is defined as:
Relationships – Love. Ease. Mutual respect.
Life – I have served. I have given. I have loved. I have lifted.

If I’m feeling run-down or unfulfilled, it’s often because I’ve let myself get too busy with stuff that doesn’t fit with my definition of success. I start to feel spinny, like I’m rushing around running on air. There’s no traction, no forward momentum. Just busyness.

Does this resonate?

If it does, I invite you to consider those three questions above. How do you define success? Then, look at your life through that lens. How can you shift things–internally or externally–to allow for more success? On your terms.

Make sense?

With much love,


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