celebration: what are you grateful for? 5 ways gratitude can help you

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I can–with great relief at finally getting it–honestly say that up until recently I totally underestimated the power of gratitude.

Probably some of you are way ahead of me on this one.

But do you know why gratitude really, truly works?

5 Ways Gratitude Can Help You

1. Gratitude puts things in perspective. We go from “Life is hard, or overwhelming, or not enough” to “I am so freakin’ lucky!

2. Gratitude tramps down jealousy. It helps us transform green envy of what others have to a recognition of what we have.

3. Gratitude shifts us from “lack and attack” thinking, to “abundance and love” thinking. It helps us shift from competing with others to co-operating with and getting help from others. From which place to do imagine that your dreams will come more easily?

4. Gratitude attracts people. Envision someone with a big frown, face tight and corners of their mouth turned down : (. Now envision someone with a big smile, face relaxed and corners of their mouth turned up : ). Which person would you rather spend time with?

5. Gratitude supports abundance. From a place of gratitude, we see how abundant we already are, shift from lack and attack thinking, start co-operating, and attract people. That sounds a lot like abundance.

Here’s the science behind why gratitude works

The part of the brain associated with feeling gratitude is not the part of the brain that is associated with feeling fear. When one of those is switched on, the other one kind of automatically switches off.

So by switching on gratitude, we switch of fear.

Hello appreciation and abundance. Goodbye worry and stress.


Make a list of 20 things you’re grateful for. Yup, you got it: 20. And you can’t repeat any, either. : ). If you get stuck: feel that inhale? Aren’t you grateful your heart is still beating?

Thinking of you,


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We are human and that comes with a certain amount of self defeating behavior. Thankfully some of us has a rare quality of lifting others up. I think it is a gift of nature. You are one of these individuals. Thank you for sharing what you have. Your piece on gratitude is an example of what I am saying. Peace.


What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing


Yes! I am so freakin’ lucky! Siting here (able to sit), reading this from wonderful YOU (able to see AND be part of a wonderful community), being reminded in such a beautiful way by a gal I admire and think the world of! Inspired, I started my list and it’s exploded! And that just made me think of something else – so grateful for the fireworks our neighbours shared with all last night! Grateful to be alive! And grateful for my electric toothbrush – hee hee! oceans of luv and thanks!


love this list : ) and you, too. xL


Thank you so much. And for being here. L


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