5 quick steps to lasting happiness (seriously) + a free session with me popped up on PopExpert

Happiness lasts

Think of the last time you were the most happy. Bet you still feel happy just thinking of it. Today, think of three times in your life you were the most happy. Then think of what they all have in common. As a proof you’ve done this write: “I got clear on what makes me the most happy” below.

Did you know?
Both Howard C Cutler, MD, the Dalai Lama, ancient yoga masters, and current positive psychologists agree that happiness outlasts pleasure.

Get even more

Hi lovelies. That was a preview. And the rest of it builds on the foundation of that one easy, powerful step.

My latest challenge, 5 Quick Steps to Lasting Happiness, is up on Swedish life coaching portal InvivoPlay.
You can check out the entire thing, and the other challenges I’ve created by clicking here.

This is important

The word ‘map’ better describes what I create for InvivoPlay. You start at A, play through B, C, D and E, and end up…lighter, brighter, happier. Shazam! They’re like little convenient, quick maps to get you somewhere really big.

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A Free Session with Me on PopExpert

PopExpert is where people who teach other people things come together to do that for the world. They invited me to join their tribe, and here I am.

For a limited time, you can book one free session with me, and check out what other people had to say, right here.

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