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On December 5, I started the #20daysofgiving Challenge.

I’d been doing a lot of ‘wanting.’ And the 20 Days of Giving didn’t come to me first as a challenge; it came to me first as gift. I wasn’t thinking of it; I wasn’t trying for it; and I didn’t expect it. It came into my mind from somewhere else completely–a present from the universe.

And my essential self immediately received it, fully and completely. I was entirely, instantly, on board. And THEN I imagined what might come of it–giving one thing a day. Something tangible, like money or food or clothing. Something less intangible, like a loving hug, or a smile for a stranger, or holding the door open or giving up my seat on the bus or spot in the grocery store line.

Imagine a world like that?

A whole bunch of other people did, too. And so the post got shared and ‘liked’ up and tweeted around. And now I’m really imagining it: a whole bliss army of givers, out there opening doors, giving up their seat on the bus, and thinking of what they can give–not what they can get. Imagine that…

20 Days of Giving Challenge

Here’s what I’ve given since December 5.
Day 1: The benefit of the doubt. Focusing on trying to UNDERSTAND instead of trying to BE UNDERSTOOD.
Day 2: A (literal) helping hand to a woman who’s baby carriage–with baby–was starting to drift off the sidewalk onto the street; 3 hugs; a head massage.
Day 3: Four free custom-yoga sessions via Skype. One gal is giving one to her mom as a stocking stuffer.
Day 4: A gingerbread cookie for my friend to decorate–during our Christmas gingerbread cookie-decorating afternoon.
Day 5: Time for me to self-invest in my passions and my business: listened to two expert info calls about life coaching.
Day 6: Money to a lovely man reading his book on Granville Street.

We’ll see what happens today…

More to come…

I’d love to hear yours via Twitter at #20daysofgiving or lindsey_lewis, Facebook, or in the comments below.

Much love,


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