reality check: Irish eyes aren’t smiling

“In Ireland, people are happy to just have a job. There are engineers selling newspapers.”

Maybe we should go back and re-read that.

I love reality checks. Here I am, cozily snuggled into my apartment I adore, in a classy neighbourhood I feel safe and secure in, writing my blog, zipping emails back-and-forth with future writing and yoga clients, planning a trip to Europe…and wishing I had more money, more steady work.

Somebody smack me.

And in her lovely, conscious way, my amazing friend Sara Mullin, Life Stylist, did. She’s just returned from her ancestral home, and is full of insight into recession reality checks, unlike what most of us are experiencing in Canada. It’s that first insight that’ll stick with me, and it was such a great perspective bringer I wanted to share it with you.

Engineers! Selling newspapers!

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Apr 30, 2009 · Comment

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