Learnings: Tidying Up to Calm Down?

Turns out mom was right (again). When we were turbulent teens, with raging hormones and even raginger reactions to parental guidance, mom said “Clean your room.” Did she know that tidying up would calm us down?

All over the world, guys and gals who want to jive with their inner light make a habit of lightening up their environment. In other words, stuff gets the short end of the stick: put away, folded up, tucked under.

Turns out that a tidy environment means a tidy mind: less loosy goosy and full of stuff we’d rather not think about. More calm, steady and peaceful. Less likely to get in the way when we want to tap into our zensides.

Mom will be so proud.

p.s. Yup, that’s my amazing mom and me, on Salt Spring Island last spring.

Nov 20, 2008 · Comment

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