Learnings: Risk and Reward

I have a new friend. He used to be this terribly grumpy older man, stomping around the blocks near my apartment, with the deepest scowl I’ve ever seen. I avoided him. Then, one day, I decided to send him some love through a great big, dopey smile and chipper “Good morning!”

He turned into a shy, sweet, lovely older man, who almost whispered back, “Good morning.”

Now, on the mornings when I see him making his rounds as I make mine, we both spot each other coming a couple blocks away. The small smiles start before we can even properly see each other, and by the time we get to the meeting point, we’re full-on grinning from ear to ear.

“Good morning!” “Good morning!”

It’s all we say, but I think we kinda make each other’s day.

Which is to say, we are almost always rewarded for risking seeing someone as just a gentle soul, and not so different from us after all.

Aug 27, 2008 · Comment

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