Learnings: Projections

Wow. Everyone is in a good mood today. Smiles are lighting up faces, walks are peppy, and hearts are open. My morning walk was packed with people full of sunshine.

Contrast to yesterday’s walk: downturned faces, hurried steps, hunched shoulders.

So what gives? Why the big contrast? The sun was shining yesterday. It shines today.

But yesterday I woke from a restless sleep, tired and grumpy. I raced through the blocks I usually enjoy strolling. I was stuck in my head, caught up in planning my day.

And today? I’m rested, energized from my morning Kundalini practice and 40-day meditation, looking forward to the projects I have on the go, and an evening spent with my lovely, loving partner. I practically skipped my whole walk, and a big smile had plastered itself across my face.

This is a lesson I keep coming back to again and again: We get what we project.

Side note: I like to remind myself that the sun is always shining. Sometimes there are clouds in the way.

Aug 12, 2008 · Comment (2)

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Today’s post was much needed. I woke up feeling absolutely exhausted and disheartened (I had trouble sleeping last night). I didn’t feel in the mood to go for a run, and I was dragging through even my indoors morning exercise routine. All the things that I had to do today kept running through my head and instead of energizing me, they weighed me down.I read the post and realised that my lack of energy is due to ME and not the bad sleep and to-do-list. Anyway, I buzzed through the rest of my workout and am feeling excited to get going on the day’s projects. Yeah!


Thanks butterfly! The people who you buzz into today are lucky.


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