Learnings: Listen In

I finally listened. My poor body had been repeatedly asking for rest (you’d think a fever, swollen glands, and a stuffed-up head would get the message across) and I’d been repeatedly ignoring it.

I abhor being sick. I adore being active, getting out there, teaching, practicing, riding my bike, hiking, walking the seawall. I actually like working: the sense of accomplishment, of having helped others (clients) with projects important to them, of seeing words come together to create ideas, messages, an impression. Yes! I love it!

I abhor being sick.

But yesterday, I finally listened. I remembered my lessons from time on the mat: just be where you are; breathe into it; embrace it; and you will find that when you stop striving, you progress. I spent all day in bed. I read Vogue and Paris to the Moon. I napped. I stopped trying to be something other than I was at the moment: sick, and tired. I let go of trying to be active and productive.

So am I miraculously cured today? Nope. But I have a heckuva lot more energy than I did, and I feel it deep inside that things are on the mend.

Take-Away Yoga Tip: Our bodies know. They’re fantastic guides to good health. If we can drop out of our mind, and our ego, to listen to our bodies instead, we find health, and happiness.

Sep 11, 2008 · Comment

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