Learnings: Feelin’ Good

Ugh. I was tired, tired, tired. It had been a late night. We’d been in the car for over four hours that morning, and had an hour and a half still to go before we could crawl into our beds.

Energetic, happy, chipper? Not so much. We were stuck in stop-and-go construction traffic. The drive was beginning to feel like torture. I ached to be done with going going going, strapped into seats, unmoving. (I’m kinda addicted to body movement.)

I was searching for a solution, some way to make it better.

Of course! I began to notice my breath, make it deeper, longer, better. I sent my crown to the sky, my sit bones to the floor. I exhaled tension and exhaustion. I inhaled peace and energy. I turned up some yogic tunes–chants we sing in Kundalini–and turned my attention to them.

It wasn’t transformational. It was energizing, calming, soothing and changed my experience of the entire situation. The next hour and a half went much better.

Take-Away Yoga Tip: I’ve noticed that it’s not so much what I do, but how I feel when I’m doing it. This, we can change. I invite you to try it: When you’re stuck, try breathing deeper, try playing music that energizes and calms you.

It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s quick. It works. I’d love to know how it goes for you.

Aug 25, 2008 · Comment

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