top 5 kundalini energy boosters [video]

It’s true. We all know that yoga is a great stress buster. It’s not such common knowledge that yoga’s a great energy booster. And, though I often use some classic Hatha asanas when I need to power up, Kundalini postures and breath-work are what I use the most. A couple of these power boosters are demo’d in the sample clip from my new kundalini video on My Yoga Online. In each, powerful deep breathing is key.

Top 5 Kundalini Energy Boosters
Crow squats Reach your arms out in front of you, shoulder height. Clasp your hands, index fingers touching and pointing out. Step your feet wider than your hips. Exhale and squat down as low as you can go. Inhale and rise up. Keep your arms straight. Use your core and your breath. 27 reps

Frog pose Come into a low squat, heels together, touching, and raised off the floor. Bring your hands inside your knees. Exhale, draw your belly button in, activating your power centre, and use your power centre to lift your hips. Hands stay on the floor and forehead comes towards your knees. Inhale and drop your hips, looking up. Keep going. 27 reps.

Reach for it Stand tall. Inhale and reach both hands up. Exhale as you pull one knee up and your hands in fists towards your core. Your bent elbows will draw behind your sides. Use your power centre. Repeat on the other side. Keep going. 3 mins

Sat Kriya modified Stand tall, spine straight, chin slightly tucked. Reach your arms up overhead and clasp your hands, index fingers touching and rising to the sky. Inhale to your heart. Begin the mantra ‘Sat Nam’. Sat = truth. Nam = name or identity. As you say ‘Sat’ make it powerful and loud; draw in your belly button. As you say ‘Nam’, make it soft and gentle; let your belly relax. Keep your arms and spine straight the whole time. 3 mins.

Breath of fire Stand as in Sat Kriya, arms and everything. Inhale to your chest. As you exhale, draw your belly button in and up. Inhale to press it out. Pump your belly. Keep it at a pace you can sustain. Great to do after you’ve worked your core. 3 mins
p.s. I’m currently perusing this book. Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening takes you into the experiences of those who’ve felt it, thoughts of those who teach it, and the facts from those who’ve researched it. Plus more. It’s a great read for anyone looking for insight and knowledge into kundalini energy.

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Namaskar, Thank you for this wonderful article. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be the one who introduces Yoga to a beginner. To see how people respond to this amazing practice fills me with satisfaction, and I love that I have been the vehicle to bring this experience to them. Wise words,


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