sucky self-doubt? bring it on

There’s definitely something to be said for being humble. But self-doubt? Nadda. Not one good thing about it. Here’s the bad news: It had been growing like a weed in my good times garden for about a week. Name absolutely any activity you can think of, and I was feeling insecure about my ability to do it.

Here’s the amazingness of life: I went to a kundalini yoga class at Yoga West, and we launched into a set entirely dedicated to tapping into our true self, and going beyond the ego and the mind. Getting out from underneath the worry about “relationships, work, our creative outlets, friendships, and money.” The teach’ told the class that Yogi Bhajan used to say “self-doubt is the greatest affliction you can have in your life” (he was all about yogic bon mots).

Take-Away Tip
Way back when the old-time yogis were rockin‘ the internal discovery channels, they figured out that self-doubt lives in our mind and our ego. What’d they prescribe? Regular asana and meditation–for getting out from underneath these sometime bullies. Bring asana and meditation into our daily lives, and sucky self-doubt can bring it on.

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Apr 22, 2009 · Comment

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