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However vague my understanding of the origins of Easter is, it seems like a good time to be inspired by spirituality. My connection lives in my heart. I know yoga teachers and yogis who say it’s in the third eye, centre of our intuition. But for me, it’s in my heart.

Wanna wake yours up, or just give it some good lovin‘?

Kundalini meditation for the heart centre and compassion:
– Sit cross-legged
– Extend your arms out at shoulder height, then bend at your elbows until their at 90-degree angles
– Face your palms forward
– Close your eyes and let them roll up to your third eye–between your eyebrows
– Vibrate the sound “hummmm“–long and extended–into your heart, for 3 minutes

Mantra for awakening compassion in our heart:

Kundalini Yoga Kicks Asana

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