How to Hear From a Kick-Ass Wise Woman: You

Do you ever wish you could ask for advice from someone who knows you better than anyone? Me too. I’m doing new and unexpected things so damn often that I nearly always think “I wish someone could guide me here.” Then I ask the very best person to do that: me. 


Except: I ask the powerful me-five-years-from-now version of me.

And she has the BEST insight. Want to know how to do this for yourself?

Here’s what I do:

1. I invite in the me that I envision five years from now. The me that is even more powerful, that has grown even more, learned even more, landed in herself even more. I really see her in the room. I feel her presence. She is so.damn.strong.

2. I get my journal and my pen.

3. I ask my Powerful Self “What message do you have for me today?”

4. I write it down.

Simple, right?

Don’t be deceived into thinking that because it looks simple it’s not powerful. Test it out for yourself and see.

Also: sometimes I ask for guidance around specific things. My podcast. My coaching. My creative projects. My Powerful Self has never lead me astray.

She says things like:
Stay the course.
Be in your loving.
Don’t make it about you.
Stay present.
Live each moment.

And also:
You gotta get that handled, girl. Start listening more.

She doesn’t hold back, that Powerful Self of mine.

If it needs speaking, she speaks it.

If it needs loving, she gives it.

And she never lets me see myself as less.

After all, I got where she is, didn’t I? ; )

Love Lindsey

Feb 4, 2019 · Comment

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