this month of love, love yourself

We can receive nothing from the world that we can’t give ourselves.

This month of love…love yourself.

I invite you to dive deep into the ocean of boundless, endless, indescribably powerful LOVE that exists within your very own heart.

I invite you to drop the belief that love comes from outside.

I invite you to explore what it feels like to give–to yourself.

And then sit back—and watch as the as the universe unfolds.

4 Weeks of Self-Love

  • Four weeks for you
  • Four one-hour one-on-one custom-tailored coaching sessions
  • Learn powerful tools to help you identify and go beyond fears and limitations
  • Release anxiety about what the future might or might not hold–open to what is right here, right now
  • Learn how to be filled with love–even if you’re single
  • Program starts week of February 14th
  • Only 4 spots left!

Love is free. Love is for you. Love is waiting.

In celebration of the spirit of love, this offering is 50% off, and the first session is FREE. $400 Just $150.

Invitation: connect with me for more info.

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