this is how to go from stuck and overwhelmed to living the life you want


Sometimes, things are hard for a reason: it’s time to head a different direction. I was so inspired by a conversation I had the other day with a woman I’ll call Zara.

She was tired, frustrated, and felt stuck and overwhelmed about what to do next in her life and dream business. She felt like she was constantly pushing herself, always overwhelmed, and not sure what her next step should be. What she really wanted was to feel more at ease, more intuitive, to make clear choices about her next steps. To get where she dreamed of.

“What if it’s the approach you’re taking that’s getting in the way?” I asked her.

Big Ah-has

We talked some more and she had a big aha moment: all of the pushing, striving and only ever thinking of the dream she wanted to realize was actually costing her that dream. It made her feel overwhelmed and unsure and THAT kept her from taking action that would get her there.

Something Different

She’s now exploring a very different way of getting where she wants to go–one that will take her one step at a time towards her dream. I call this Soul Powered Living. Right now, I’m clearing space in my calendar to have conversations about living in this way. If you’d like to be considered for one, you can apply here.

Love Lindsey

Mar 29, 2017 · Comment

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