there will always be somebody who doesn’t like what you do. letting in the ones who do

I’ve always believed it when I heard someone say I should do what I do differently. I’ve mostly tried really hard to be something or someone I thought someone else thought I should be. I’ve looked up at pretty much everyone, and down at myself–pretty impressive hey, given that I’m over 5′ 9″?

It’s my birthday soon–a week from today–and as I walked home from a yoga class I had this thought: “There will ALWAYS be somebody who doesn’t like what you do. Always.”

For the first time in my life I took comfort in that. I didn’t fight it. It didn’t seem terrible. It felt like a great big RELIEF. Because after that one came this: “All those people you’ve always looked up to…there a lots of somebody’s who don’t like what they do.”


I’ve said it again and again: We are our best self when we are completely ourselves. Love. Compassion. Self-acceptance. These are my mantras. I’m learning what I need to teach and teaching what I learn. But beneath it all I fought the idea that it was ok for people to dislike what I do, or how I do it. Somehow that one squeaked through, held tight, and tripped me up.

I’m not fighting it anymore. It’s true. They won’t. There will always be people who don’t like what I do, or how I do it. But I’m still stepping up. I’m not backing away. I’m not faking it. Not anymore.

Vulnerability is courage. It is creation and change. It’s truth.

And the truth is that as I step up, don’t back away, and don’t fake it I’m cheered on by a growing team of like-minded souls who for some reason support what I do and how I do it. I’m so honoured by them. I’m so FULL of gratitude that they continue to be here. So today, when my inner Liz starts up with her fear-based insecurities, I’m reigning her in with reminders of things a whole long list of people have said that prove the opposite is true. I’m not going down that road. One step at a time, I’m walking towards my dharma, carrying the remembrances of the outstanding love and support I’ve already received along the way.

Invitation: You know all those people who’ve told you you’re great? Believe them. Write down what they said. Post it up where you can see it. Your world is yours to create. And your truest self is the one the world really wants to see. You shine.

With love,


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I was just thinking the same thing. Good work. Thank you :) Oh, and Happy Birthday (a little early but you get the point) All the best.


@G thanks for the birthday wishes! much love


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