so what’s it all about if it’s not about having it all figured out? ah, I see

Here’s the thing.

It’s not about having it all figured out.

It’s not about perfection.

It’s not about getting it right.

It’s not about being happy all the time.

It’s not about feeling strong all the time.

It’s not about smiling, and shining and being joyful all the time.

It’s not about good hair, good style, or faultless professionalism.


It’s about being.

That’s it.

With love,


Jul 11, 2011 · Comment (1)

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Very much reminds me of section from an article I read a few days ago on Elephant Journal…"nature is often brutal in its struggle to survive. For many of us highly developed human beings, life is comparatively easy, but even then, there are always traumatic events that make powerful negative imprints on the psyche. That’s just part of the process. The problem is that as obvious as this may seem, most of us in the postmodern world don’t believe it. We have somehow gotten the strange idea in our heads that we live in a universe where we—the most privileged, wealthy, highly educated sentient beings this side of the Milky Way—are not supposed to suffer. And in an authentically developmental context, that simply couldn’t be the case."


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