peace + empowerment: 4 spots left! 4-week life coaching program starts week of March 5th

In celebration of the fact that coaching a certain number of clients is part of my Martha Beck life coaching certification AND in celebration of upcoming Spring 2012…

Only 4 spots left! Zip me a note today for more info or to sign up!


Only 4 spots left!
• 4 life coaching sessions
• 1st one FREE
• 50% discount off regular priced coaching of $100/session
• Full price: $400. Celebration price: $150. Save $250!

Identify and clear whatever is causing stress, distress or lack of sleep.
Click here to sign up and launch Spring 2012. Start the new season fresh, vibrant and empowered.

p.s. The program starts the week of March 5, 2012

MORE: Get The Peace + Empowerment Tool Kit

The program is a once a week, one-on-one, one-hour life coaching call with me, for four weeks. For each client, we identify the top 3 stressors or happenings that are causing stress, distress and lack of sleep. Then we pull from a variety of tools from Martha Beck’s training (she’s the life coach Oprah goes to a lot), and my own teachings and coaching developed over the years of working with the corporate set, academics and working moms. We begin to clear what’s causing the stress and create peace and ease—and gather a range of powerful, practical tools that each client can use on their own whenever they might need them, to clear their top 3 stressors and find more peace and strength.

Sign up, or get more information today!

Plus: If you know someone who’s interested, please feel free to pass this their way. My email is lindsey @ I’d be happy to tell them more about this life coaching program.

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