pay what you can day. 1, 5 or 8 sessions of life coaching. whatever you can afford

It’s my birthday! 31 years young and an OLD soul. Yup.


A couple years ago I started adamantly requesting that friends who came to celebrate my birthday didn’t bring me a gift. I invited people I adore, people I’m so thankful to have in my life. And I gave them a tiny token of gratitude.

Today I turn 31 and I’m so thankful to have YOU in my life. It’s true.

Pay What You Can Day

So today only, because it’s my birthday, I’m offering Life Coaching sessions for whatever you can afford. The price for these is usually $100 a session. Not today. Today if you want life coaching sessions with me focused on lowering stress and boosting happiness, please zip me a short note letting me know which option you’d like and what amount works best for you to pay by emailing me at or clicking here to fill out the contact form.

Choose What Works Best for You:

OPTION 1 1 session (+ one free intro session)
OPTION 2 5 sessions (+ one free intro session)
OPTION 3 8 sessions (+ one free intro session)
All 1-hour sessions done over the phone at our pre-arranged time. I call you.

I promise to email you back as soon as I can to set up your first free session, so you can try it out, and we can see if we click. From there, we’ll book the rest, and away we go!

Because I wanted to give you a token of gratitude. Thanks for being here.

There’s limited spaces,
so I’ll be signing people up on a first-come, first-served basis. Here’s my email and the contact form to let me know what option you’d like and what works best for you to pay.

Much love,


What People Are Saying

“Lindsey Lewis is one of the most honestly compassionate, one of the most sensitive, one of the most curiously inspiring beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. My invisible antennae have never been particularly tuned to the rippling waves of people’s vibrations, but they go haywire in the presence of her radioactive SOMETHING. She has somehow figured it out: Where to find grace and joy in a chaotic universe. Listen to this little one, because I tell you now she’s the real deal.” – Thom Stitt, artist, movie-maker,

“Not only is Lindsey a joy to be around but she is wise beyond her years. Lindsey has a presence which uplifts, inspires and heals because she truly lives with authenticity, an infectious love for life, and a desire to be of service. She will bring out the best in you—because that is what she sees.” – Carol Goulette, Semperviva Yoga

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