money, energy, love, and when you really really want something: 5 questions

This is an exploration.

I was sending out emails daily letting people know I was available for work–and good at it, too!–applying for every job I could possibly have a chance at getting, and struggling to pay my bills.

A friend of mine, someone I am continually blown away by, said this: Stop running for what you want. Put that energy into doing what feels good in your heart. And what you’re reaching for will come.

So I signed up for a novel-writing course in Greece, booked a ticket to Paris, and planned a one-month soul-love session.

And late into the night the day before I was leaving, I was still working on getting projects done for clients who had come to me pretty much as soon as I booked the plane ticket.

A friend of mine was laid off a few months ago. She was a million miles a minute media maven, setting up media tours, securing story resources, and maintaining tons of spreadsheets jam-packed with vital, ever-changing data.

The lay-off was a rough go. She spent a few days feeling bad about things. Then she jumped off the couch, grabbed her Macbook Pro, and had a friend help her build a website. She put lotsa industry-favoured terms and facts in there, but mostly she put in her heart. Because she was tired of trying to clamber up the corporate ladder, tired of working her arse off for not enough pay, and tired of not doing what she loved. And then she waited.

Today she is–almost–having to refuse work requests. Clients are pouring in the door. She’s overwhelmingly happy. p.s. She also just got engaged.

A friend of mine is leaping, striding, swimming towards her heart-chosen healing path. She’s quit her job, signed up for workshops and trainings, gone to tons of yoga classes, amped up her reading, written blog posts, and explored endless social media initiatives. Money-wise, she’s “going into the red.”

Universe-wise, she’s “trusting.”

And we both have faith. Faith that this self-investment will bring not just emotional-spiritual, but also financial rewards.

So here’s what I’ve been feeling is probably true. When we invest energy in ourselves, in our heart-calling, we invite people in. When we reach and struggle to pull them towards us, we repel them away.

But is it easy to do this all the time? To remember this when times–and the bill-paying–get tough? Notsomuch.

1. What does it take to make that leap of faith?
2. What is the risk of taking it?
3. What’s the risk of not?
4. When the heart says one thing, and the mind says another, how do you trust the heart?
5. On that note, what practical, self-trust-building practices are out there?

My swami says, “It’s not the answers that are important. Just keep asking the questions.”

Jul 14, 2010 · Comment

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