yoga stylista: publicist karen green on kripalu and the bull who wouldn’t fight

Yoga Style Kripalu
Personal Style jeans, Indian cotton
Mantra Buck up

Karen works in marketing and publicity in the arts, dealing mostly with literary book publishing. She also writes a little–journalism and poetry–and edits, a little.

When and why did you start practicing yoga?
It was a while ago. I think some work colleagues (in Winnipeg) suggested going to a noon class. As to the why, I think it was a “why not?” sort of thing.

How has yoga been useful to you?
Definitely. I’ve been doing it for years. I totally stiffen up if I miss a week.

What teachers inspire you?
I started with Asha Dieleman in Winnipeg. She’s an amazing teacher. I think she’s out here somewhere now. I also had some great teachers at the Kripalu Center. I did a great program with Diana Damelio there. I also took classes with Dillon Cherrett in Winnipeg, also a really good teacher.

What challenging, or simply un-fun, life experience became an opportunity for you to learn?
Twenty-something angst, on-going growing pains, learning to ride those waves and see them through. Yoga helps with that.

What inspires you?
When people are nice to each other–little ways and big–especially when it takes a bit of effort.

How do you combat stress?
Try to get some perspective.

Karen’s Top 3 Inspirational Media
1 The Diviners by Margaret Laurence
A very honest book and risky in its time, maybe even now.

2 The Story of Ferdinand
Ferdinand (a bull) doesn’t want to fight.

3 The Lives of Others
Brave acts in the face of real threat.

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Just a quick note to let you know that I appreciated your insights about the topic. Quite helpful for what I am interested in these days.
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