Yoga Stylista: Anita Webster of Anita Webster Communications

About Anita
Anita runs a public relations agency. She uses her background in radio and newspapers to help her clients get their names in the media the way they want to see them. This fall, she did projects for Grey Goose Vodka and Jamieson Vitamins. Anita also enjoys working with local entrepreneurs–she loves the passion they bring to their work.

Position/Role Principal, Anita Webster Communications
Yoga Style Iyengar all the way
Personal Style Funky with bursts of corporate when necessary
Mantra This too will pass
Twitter @anitawebster

When and why did you start practicing yoga?
I started on a whim almost 12 years ago at a local community centre and got hooked.

Take-Away Tips
How has yoga been useful to you?

Yoga is a big part of my overall exercise plan, such as it is. I appreciate the physical benefits such as increased flexibility and better balance, and I value the equilibrium it provides in my life. Now, as I learn more about the breath work I am amazed at its power. When I was a few years into it my husband started to come to class with me so now it’s a wonderful activity we share.

Yoga Teachers
What teachers inspire you?
I’ve studied with Louie Ettling at the Yoga Space for my entire yoga career. In my humble opinion, Louie is the best!

What challenging, or simply un-fun, life experience became an opportunity for you to learn?

Not long after I launched my PR business 14 years ago a client I enjoyed, had helped, and with whom I had a contract, was lured away by another agency. I was thunderstruck to realize that could happen any time, no matter what official paperwork I had in place and what I’d done for them. I still think of that moment and it’s a great reminder to deliver the best service I can all the time. Also a lesson in not being too attached.

What inspires you?
A walk outside to get away from the computer screen and get gulps of fresh air. That, and talking about the way the media is changing today.

Stress Buster
How do you combat stress?
Viparita Karani Legs up the wall lying on a bolster. That, or, strangely, a small, strong, perfect cup of espresso can change the way the world looks to me.

Three books that have inspired you
These days I find novels inspire me–especially funny ones.
1 I just read The Flying Troutmans by Miriam Toews. Laughed out loud.
2 Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay reminded me of my days as a CBC host in Prince Rupert.
3 Thank you for Smoking by Christopher Buckley was a witty and cynical look at the business I’m in.

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