when yoga is not enough: 5 resources for you

Everyone who reads my Joy for Life blog knows: Lindsey loves yoga. And I truly believe this practice is life-affirming. Yoga makes everything better.

BUT there are times when we–and I–need more. That’s why I also love the following people, and what they have to offer. Thought I’d share them here, with you, so next time you need more, you’ve got it.

1. Danielle LaPorte, White Hot Truth, @daniellelaporte
Danielle rocks. She’s inspiring in so many ways that I’m having trouble writing a mini summation. Here’s the thing: If you want your money-making ventures to be infused with soul and your deepest heart, and you want to actually make money doing them, read her. I was lucky enough to get to be part of a focus group led by Danielle, where we pretty much mapped out our dream lives. She’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.

2. Jonathan Mead, Illuminated Mind
So he tries to sell a lot of things to us. I still find his insight into life beyond 9 to 5, well, illuminating.

3. Aaron Ross, PebbleStorm
He’s new to me, but I developed a platonic career crush on him the first time I watched his video about answering these kinds of questions: do you feel you have more to offer? do you feel you don’t have time to pursue your passions?

4. SARK, PlanetSark
I’ve loved her since I was a teen. Absolutely FULL of insight into how to say YES to your creative self all the time, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy is a great go-to on days when you think you might just give up on listening to that voice deep beyond your mind.

5. Carrie McCarthy, Style Statement
Much more than a way to edit down your closet, a Style Statement can be a two-word description of your mind-based essential self. Years ago, I did an article on Carrie’s service, and her gentle questions brought to light TONS of areas of my life I was avoiding. I thought about the answers, and where I was embodying my Style Statement rang true–and where I wasn’t–and, months later, finally had the courage to end an already-ended relationship, sign up for teacher training, and live on my own for the first time.

Here are some other bloggers I want to send some “Yay!” to:

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Thanks for the "Yay!", Lindsey. :) And, thanks for the five additional ways to get more help in my life. Sheilahttp://reformingu.blogspot.com


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