Inspiration: Stop Stuggling

Yogi Mark Whitwell makes some radical statements. I’m treking through his book, Yoga of Heart, and agreeing and disagreeing along the way.

One statement stands out as true to my soul:
Stop stuggling. Stop suffering.

Yesterday was Sunday; not just any Sunday, but a sunny, hot, long weekend Sunday. I soooo wanted to be free to just wander, meditate, and just be. Instead, I had a packed afternoon of writing and getting groceries (those sun-eating yogis have it made). All week I dreaded it. All week I wished it was different.

Sunday came. I began wishing I was free. I started feeling anxious. The beautiful day began to lose its luster.

Then, from somewhere beyond my mind, Mark’s words bubbled up: Stop stuggling. Stop suffering. I began breathing deeper. I began letting go of my mind’s thoughts about how busy the rest of the day would be. I focused on what I was doing, right then, right there. My anxiety left (I sent it off with a happy goodbye wave).

And at the end of the day I felt like I had wandered, meditated, and just been.

Jun 30, 2008 · Comment

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