Inspiration: Paris

Ah, Paris. The city of not just love, but of style, intellectuals, women who don’t get fat, men who wear scarves with aplomb, beautiful baguettes (the edible and wearable kinds), and, of course, joie de vivre. Pretty much everyone wants to go to Paris.

New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik did, and stayed there for years, with wife and bebe in tow. In his book, Paris to the Moon, he has this to say:

The odd thing in making a big move is the knowledge that
your life will be composed of hundreds of small things that you will arrive at only by trial and error, and that…the real flavor of life will be determined, shaped by these things

The great thing is that we can carry with us the traveller’s joy for the tiny, the unexpected, into our lives at home. A conversation with a ‘stranger’, a cafe discovered while attempting to find a shortcut, a charming building. This idea is not big news; but it can bring big happiness.

Aug 6, 2008 · Comment

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