Inspiration: Make Your Own Destiny

“Your current state is a result of your past conditioning.”

A great yogi recorded this thought for my amazing friend, Dr. Varma, director of the Pacific Institute for Wholistic Living. He shared it with me on Friday when I went to see him.

I’m adopting it as a mantra, and giving it uber power by linking it with my amazing friend Sara Mullin‘s attitude that

“You can create your life fresh in every moment.”

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Dec 1, 2008 · Comment (2)

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I like your approach to Yoga–a great combination of poses, breath, and philosophy. Bravo.I’m particularly interested in your work in businesses. I hope I’ll find more about that in your blogs here. I spent 30 years as a software entrepreneur, with all the stress and strain that implies (also the thrill of achievement). As I write about Yoga philosophy today I often find myself wondering if this is only a retired entrepreneur’s philosophy or is it also useful for businessmen in the thick of things. You seem to be answering that question with your everyday work.I’ll look through your blogs, but if you haven’t written about this already, perhaps you could do so in future blogs.Thanks,BobW.(


Thanks for your comment Bob. I’ll definitely tackle the subject in upcoming posts, as it’s close to my heart. I’d love to hear your feedback on them.


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