inspiration junkie. 5 inspiring sites around the web and world

We all need an inspiration hit every now and then. Maybe every day.

Here’s a few places I go for inspiration:

GoodLifeProject TV
Straight from the creator’s mouth: “In the show, we go narrow and deep with people who are living aligned, empowered, juicy lives and also tapping the wisdom of some of the leading mindset, psychology and neuroscience experts in the world…If larger media outlets aren’t telling the stories of amazing women, I will. Which is why one of the core values of GLP TV is a deep commitment to sharing the stories of and spotlighting strong, innovative, creative women.” Jonathan Fields

Danielle LaPorte
Famous truth-maven, soul-spotlighter, fire-igniter. Writer, author, speaker, everything with love love love.

Martha Beck
Life coaching front woman. Divinely guided, practical-minded, magician with a couple degrees from Harvard. Tiny woman. Big heart.

Green Space
No hyperlink. It’s a park. Near my apartment is a park that sits within a nearly-perfect circle. Trees grow tall here, leaving clear spaces all around their trunks. The few people who know about it and come here talk quietly. Dogs play. Birds hop from branch to branch. I visit nearly every morning, during my walking meditation. Some evenings I come back to lean against a tree trunk and stare up at the sky winking between green-leafed branches. I breathe deep. I anchor down. I feel the earth beneath, sky above, and nature all around. I feel love.

More than pretty pictures. Pinterest gets me piqued to try new things, rearrange, dream and do. I post here, too.


Follow your distractions. They can be a map to what you really want–and to your purpose for being on this planet.

Much love,


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